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In one of London's most elegant neighbourhoods, the Mayfair, we have built the cigar room of a London Cigars Club, a veritable paradise for the most refined and demanding cigar lovers.


The right climate for your cigars

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About us

The experience of know how

Cigars Time is a division of DeART, a company that has been successfully producing interior furnishings in Italy for over 50 years for a cosmopolitan customer base.

The products made by Cigars Time are the result of thorough research and made using valuable materials; they are functional and feature innovations hard to find in other humidors. All these qualities contribute to distinguishing and characterizing our products. The artisan production, the extreme care and attention in executing each project exceed the logic of standardized products, and guarantee a high level of product customization.

At our company, we design and make humidified and refrigerated showcases and walk-ins, using systems specifically studied and conceived for this purpose. Our technical office is always ready to suggest innovative and one-of-a-kind solutions and to make its know-how and creativity available to the customers, including the most demanding ones.


"Made in Italy" design and production

Starting from the design, through creativity and style up to the actual production, DeART - Cigars Time products fully embody the concept of "Made and Manufactured in Italy".

Interaction & Collaboration

Our consulting service is always alert to the requests and needs of our customers as well as of professionals, architects and interior designers looking for a company capable of manufacturing fully "tailor-made" humidified showcases and walk-ins.

Artisanship and innovation

The artisan skills and abilities of our highly qualified personnel are supported by latest-generation machinery and software, all aimed at continuously improving our humidors.

"Turn-key" service

Our "turn-key" service is perfect for those searching for a complete and high-quality service, which is set up to meet any needs and to step in during all phases, either design or production, up to the delivery and installation of the finished project.

Research & Development

On a rapidly-changing market, the ability to innovate is destined to become more and more important. Our Research & Development sector plays a crucial role in coming up with increasingly important innovations and in looking for cutting-edge materials and solutions.

Customer Service & Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction and after-sales service are the cornerstones of our company's activities. In fact, even long after the actual sale, we aim at maintaining a positive relationship with our customers. Our staff is always ready and willing to solve any problems as quickly and carefully as possible.
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Some answers to most frequently asked question about our products

Which are the principal cigar preservation systems ?

Cigars Time offers a choice of three different systems to preserve your cigars

- Static / Passive system
- Dynamic system
- Cooling systems

The static/passive system works by filling a sponge with distilled water that gradually evaporates. This system requires a manual control. The dynamic system, both electronic and/or electro-mechanical, has a filter filled with distilled water that constantly and automatically maintains the desired humidity level.

The cooling systems are the most precise and reliable for cigar preservation. By using a compressor and/or a thermoelectric cell, it constantly keeps the desired humidity and temperature. For a perfect storage cigars should never be subjected to sudden shifts of temperature or humidity.

What are the ideal conditions for cigar storage ?

Cigars are affected by light, temperature and humidity.
Cigars should never been exposed to ultraviolet light (especially directly).
Light will bleach the cigar wrapper, making it less elastic. Ultraviolet light also changes the molecular composition of the wrapper and causes damage to a rolled cigar. Temperature is an important factor in cigar storage as it affects humidity, this the term relative humidity (RH). Keeping the right humidity level allows the process of natural micro fermentation and helps to always maintain soft leaves.

The commonly setting values are :
Temperature : 20-22° Celsius
Relative Humidity : 65-68%.

What is a thermoelectric system (Peltier Cells) ?

Peltier cell is a solid state heat pump: a thin plate with free ends of two different materials where heat moves from one end to the other. The Peltier effect occurs whenever electrical current flows through two dissimilar conductors, and depending on the direction of the air flow, the junction of the two conductors will either absorb or release heat. There are several advantages arising from the use of such a system, for example:

- Compact size
- No maintenance
- Long lasting and reliable
- Reduced noise
- Temperature stabilization

Why are your refrigerated cabinets different from the others ?

Our technicians study, design and manufacture cabinets which have very particular technical specifications using our own state of the art systems. Each humidor is considered unique:

- Cooling systems are calibrated on the real required air volume
- Thermal insulated sides
- Door with triple lock system
- Silicone gaskets
- Waterproof LED lighting
- All around free air circulation
- Spanish cedar wood lining

Is it possible to buy your system only ?

The only available system we sell separately from our cabinets are :

- Humi-1 for small cabinets up to 0,2 Cbm
- Humi-3E for medium to large cabinets up to 2,5 Cmb

Both systems are sold with power transformer and can be used in any other showcase on the market.

Can I have old furniture transformed into a humidor ?

Not all the furniture can be transformed into humidors but our team is ready to evaluate with you feasibility. All you have to do is to send us detailed information along with some photos. In the past we have done some extreme conversions.

These brochures were created in conjunction with cigar aficionados and contains brief, basic information and terminology on cigars. They are available (only in Italian) and to be used for information purposes only they are NOT intended to promote tobacco consumption.

Agents & Distributors

Our agents, distributors and exclusive retailers


Milan retailer - Italy
La Casa del Habano - Tab. Borla
Via Anfossi, 28 - 20123 Milano
Tel. 02 59900973

Rome retailer - Italy
La Casa del Habano - Tab. Fincato
Via della Colonna Antonina, 34 - 00186 Roma
Tel. 06 6785508

Sicily retailer - Italy
Tabaccheria Decorato
97019 Vittoria (RG)
Tel: 0932 863187


Mr. Philip Timsit
Tel: +33 (0)1 71 97 13 28
Fax: +33 (0)1 43 21 74 55

Contact us

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